Cheap Thrills with CheapKills -as nerdy as it may be

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A few weeks ago, TheCheapKills/MrCheapKills/evaDlivE/David/Forward Slash challenged his YouTube subscribers to be a little creative and, I must say, I enjoy these sort of tasks -so much so, that I would like to post my submissions here so that I may continue to bask in my ridiculousness.

The alliteration challenge:

“Massive medics make mounted motorists’ malaise more malicious.”

The poetry/rhyming challenge:

“Two fat medics,

Not much in their attics,

Standing alone in the road.

And who should appear,

But a man in full gear

Intent on having them mowed.

‘BEEP BEEP’ sounds the horn

As a gesture of scorn

For those should-be team sidekicks.

Driven by award,

Our man made no accord

To spare the two fat medics.”


Enlightening Trick-or-Treaters

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It’s Halloween in the States once again and this year’s giving of treats has been a bit tricky.  The tricky bit has to do with the number of trick-or-treaters that I seem to be getting this year.  It’s at an abnormally large number, so far, of more than zero.  That’s right.  Last year, I bought three bags of candy to give out just in case there was a boom from the previous year’s two trick-or-treaters, but those three bags went to waste when nobody came to the door.  The reason I expected a boom is because a street only two blocks away literally gets hundreds of kids asking for candy -and that’s not counting sneaky repeaters.

So, after last year’s underwhelming turnout, I decided to lessen the amount of candy I could possibly be stuck with.  I was going to leave it at one bag of everyone’s favorite, Reese’s PB cups, but then I thought I should have something for the kids with peanut allergies and so I came to have two bags of candy this Halloween.  As it happens, tonight has been quite busy and I only have a few pieces of candy left.  While I’m glad to see that it didn’t go to waste, I’m a little concerned about not having enough for another group of ghouls and goblins.

The question of the night is not “Do I really have to give away all the Reese’s?”, but rather, “WHY have there been so many trick-or-treaters?”  I think the difference is in the lighting on the porch.  You see, on previous Halloweens I had put out Jack-o-Lanterns, but had been using the energy-saver bulbs in the porch light and received very few, if any, trick-or-treaters.  A few months ago, I decided to change the fluorescent bulb to a simple incandescent.  This year there is no Halloween decoration on my porch, but the lighting is significantly brighter.  I think it’s this lighting that has made the difference this year -creating an atmosphere of safety and comfort that kids and good parents are seeking.  Had I used my common sense, I might have made the switch years ago and been better prepared for the throngs of witches and web-spinners.

Alas, the last of the candy has now been given away and I have shut off the light that had brought me so many little smiling faces.  Next year, I’ll be sure to put out a Jack-o-Lantern or two to be seen by those tiny creatures of the night who crave the light (and candy, but that doesn’t ryhme :p)

By the way…  Happy Halloween! 🙂


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It appears that the 12 monkeys hired to work on the previously-mentioned “error” have used their monkey wrenches to fix the problem and, now, I can view YouTube vids without lazily clicking a few more times to open up my back-up browser, Firefox.  And, so, I raise my glass of homemade monkey shine to YOU, my chunky monkeys!

Well, I’ve gotta go catch the last train to Clarksville.

YouTube is infected with monkeys!

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I know that this isn’t a new problem (as I have done a little leg work since receiving this message), but I have yet to come across an effective solution to this annoyance.
THIS looks like a job FORRR …uuuhh… YouTube? Yeah, I reported the bug with them, but, as this seems to have been an ever-present plague over the past few years, I don’t see it being resolved anytime soon -if ever. I guess my sub box will continue to fill with vids that I can’t watch while I’m waiting out the monkeys. I wonder if they’re the same monkeys that were supposed to churn out Shakespeare. :/

(post-edited by getcrackin for your approval -or not :p )

It seems that using a different web browser was enough of a change to allow me to view my vids, but that isn’t a solution -just a temporary way of bypassing the funky monkeys.

BTW, the error message below is an example of the monkey business:


500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

If you see them, show them this information:


PS3 issues?

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Soooo, you’re saying it WASN’T because I squirted it with a water gun?

Alliteration Gone Awry

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Alliteration arcing alphabetical allotments.

Balancing books breaks blatantly bad banks.

Crumbling cash-flow creating crazy cretins.

Doubling deficiencies defines dubious duties.

Exiting elephant entrails entails excretion …eeew.

Facing facts frees faking folks.

Giddily giving gluttonous goofs guns gets googoo-ers gahgone.

Holding Holy holdings high hides historical happenings.

Inhumane imbeciles impede independent ideologies indiscriminately.

Juvenile jubilation joyfully joins jovial jesting.

Keystone kinships keep kempt king-makers keen.

Lost love leaves languid lives longing.

Many mindless montages mediate meaningful moments.

Nefarious narcissists noisily negate neighbors’ nightly necessities.

Objective observers occasionally orate ornately.

Partitioning-pontifications purport perplexing points.

Quietly qualifying quintessential quirky qualities -questionably quotable quaintness.

Roaming radicals resist retention.

Some sweetly soothed simple spirit slumbers soundly.

Tyrannical tirades tend to take tumultuous turns.

Unveiling universal unification utilizes ubiquitous understanding.

Various vivacious vixens veil vitally vexing values.

Waning wonder waits with wary wanderers.

Xanthic xenophobes xeric-ify Xanadu.

Yellowstone yearnings yield yowler-yarns.

Zealously zapping zippered zebras.